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Event photographer Florence

Once again the setting for Tuscan Days is Villa Panna, about 19 miles from Florence, Tuscany. A villa once owned by the Medici family nestled in the Tuscan hills and a feast entitled “A Tribute to the Renaissance”. Acqua Panna has called upon a great visionary chef: Davide Scabin. Owner of Combal. Zero – the two Michelin-starred restaurant in the Castle of Rivoli, Turin – and an aficionado of time-honored recipes, Scabin created the dishes that the International Space Station’s astronauts will eat in the coming months as they orbit the Earth. Who better than him to embark on a mission to launch the great history of Italian cuisine into the future in the space of one dinner? 90 international guests, 60 people to attentively serve them and attend to their every culinary need, 28 impeccably presented dishes: everything is styled as a lavish theatrical performance in three acts based on the use of time: the first course features cold dishes, the second fish and meat dishes, and the third completes the experience with desserts. This is one of those events when you could proudly say, “I was there”. We caught up with the creative genius behind this decidedly out-of-this-world experience.


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